Commission directed by Strange Pill.

‘Propagation’ is a video art wall piece made up of twelve 17” screens, commissioned by Kinetica Museum for The Vaults’ immersive production celebrating 50 years of Disney’s Fantasia. 
Presented in two walls with six screens each, this experimental installation depicts twelve muted visual narratives of sound, some with animations and some with computer generated image, produced with audio frequency variations of the classical pieces and other sounds of the film, inspired by the film's psychedelic sound waves and palettes of colours. 
In this piece, Bach's Tocatta and Fuga in D Minor turns into a molecular triad, and Tchaikovsky joins with Schubert in a multi-coloured radio wave. Sounds are presented visually in slow motion, in reverse and multi-layered.  
Collectively, the ‘Propagation’ artworks offer a perceptual journey that explores how we perceive through visualisation and how our minds fill the gaps when other senses are censored.

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